Kaoiro Emoticon Stamp by Ginghami


Cute Japanese emoticon stamper

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This Kaoiro Emoticon Stamp, handmade in Japan by Ginghami is

Japanese Emoticons can be really complex and convey a huge number of details or emotions and now this crazy Ginghami Kaoiro Emoticon Stamper allows you to use these symbols in the real world!

The Kaoiro (Japanese for “Facial Expression”) stamp looks just like any normal date stamp (except a bit bigger!) and enables you to use digital & cellphone emoticons in the real world.

The emoticon stamp has 7 different rubber belts with approx 20 characters on each, allowing a huge 2000+ kaomoji! (=Japanese Emoticon) ~(^o^)~ \(^o^)/


-7 belts and 20 symbols combine for over 2000 possible kaomoji/emoticons
-Size: 34 x 27 x 100mm (1.3 x 1.1 x 3.9″)
-Materials: rubber, wood, and steel
-Handmade in Japan
-Handle color: white or black

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  • 光山千絵
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