Komorebi ‘light through the trees’ Umbrella


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This beautiful Japanese Komorebigasa Umbrella mimics the appearance of light coming through trees and is perfect for protecting you come rain or shine.

We've managed to get hold of a small number of these unique umbrellas from Japan and now hold them in stock in the UK ready for immediate dispatch – no waiting on sea freight or customs for you!


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The Japanese love having ultra specific words for things and Komorebi is no exception! Komorebi is the Japanese word for the moment when dappled light is caused sunlight passing through leaves on trees – the sort of thing you see when walking through a forest or picnicking under a tree on a summer’s day. Fumito Kogure and Shinya Kaneko working as “Design Complicity” have backgrounds in Fashion and Architecture and are interested in making everyday objects in interesting and creative ways. Thinking that a plain umbrella was mundane, they have created this photorealistic Komorebigasa Umbrella (Light through the trees Umbrella) to mimic the natural experience and allow you to carry it with you wherever you go.

With the Komorebi Umbrella you can carry your personal tree anywhere, working as an small umbrella for wet weather or as a parasol to shade you from the sun.


Diameter: 50cm Length: 73cm (64cm when collapsed)
Materials: Printed vinyl, metal, wooden handle
Can be used as parasol or umbrella.

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Printed vinyl, metal, wood


Diameter: 50cm, Length: 73cm when extended / 64cm when collapsed

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